Monday, January 24, 2011

I own 6.5 pairs of Gloves

This morning I was getting ready to go pressure wash my Mom's house so I can paint it. I decided since it was cold I needed to wear a pair of gloves. I have a pair of neoprene gloves that I use for canoeing when it is cold. As I was getting out my gloves I was thinking I have several different pairs. So I got them all out and realized I have 6 and a half pairs of gloves. The half pair is a single glove that has velcro and is used for holding sand paper while I am doing woodturning. I also have gloves for biking warm and cold weather. I have a pair of gloves I wear running. A pair for working in the yard, and a pair of mittens. Who knew someone could own so many pairs of gloves. Oh, I just remembered I also wear disposable gloves when working with wood finishes out in my shop. I buy these in a box of 100 at a time. So I officially own more gloves then shoes.