Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New Challenge

One of my goals for the year was to be in good enough shape physically to do any kind of activity. Tonight I was at the masters swim class talking to Chrissy who teaches the class. She was trying to get people to commit to running every day for the next 100 days. You have to run at least 1 mile every day. I decided to join her in this challenge. So for the next 100 days starting tomorrow (We are running the bridges 5.5 miles) I will run every day at a minimum of 1 mile. I will post my progress everyday as a separate post and we will see how it goes.

I am determined to get better running. I am trying to improve my times for my triathlons. Plus my next big race is a full marathon. Got to make it to the start line and there is a lot of training left to go for that.

It's all who you know

So a year ago I was just getting into running after years of coasting along physically. I weighed more than I had ever weighed in my life. I decided I need a change. My friend Laura told me about this group she was training with. They used the Galloway method of running. Basically you run a minute and walk a minute. It is supposed to be easier on your body. I decided to give it a try. My first time out we did 6 miles. I was struggling towards the end. Laura offered to go get the car and pick me up. No self respecting guy is going to go for that. So a year later I am training for a marathon. I have completed a half marathon done 4 triathlons and many 5k's and even a 15k race. It has been a very busy year. I have lost a lot of weight and feel much better. The thing that really makes that past year memorable is all the people I have meet. Monday evening I decided to go for a run in the neighborhood. Tami had already done her training run so I was on my own. I took the dog for the first 2 miles and then dropped him off and did my last 3 miles alone. Somewhere along the way I was thinking this was the first run in months that I had done by myself. I have met so many people training for races that I have had people to run, ride and swim with. I enjoyed my run but I was thinking about everyone who encouraged and inspired me along the way. I have also done my share of encouragement, so it goes both ways. I have a group of people I run the bridges with on Thursday evenings. I really enjoy doing this plus it is great exercise. So Saturday morning Tami and I will be out before the sun comes up to go for our training run.

The 26.2 Marathon with Donna is in February.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Dinner and flat tire

Tonight Tami and I decided to ride our bikes to dinner. We decided to go to Tijuana Flats. We rode at an nice easy pace because we didn't want to arrive at dinner all hot and sweaty. Since it was only 2 miles it only took us about 10 minutes. It was getting dark as we left the restaurant so we took a different route home. We rode through the neighborhoods and then had less then a mile on the sidewalk. Tami hit one of those utility box covers that was sunk down in the sidewalk and that was all it took. Since we were less then a 1/2 mile from home we got off and walked the bikes. It will be easier to change the tire in my workshop then on the side of the rode in the dark. Plus why do today what you can put off till tomorrow :-p Just kidding. But it will be easier to change the tire at home. Tami will be changing her own tire so she can learn how to do that.

1 year running

Last year around this time I decided to start running. A year later I am still pretty slow but I enjoy it. I did the couch to half marathon program with the Galloway group. You run a minute and walk a minute. Having a the Half marathon with Donna gave the training a goal. Sharing a ride to the weekly training with Laura and Elaine made me have to go. There were several mornings when I just didn't want to get up but knowing someone was counting on you is a good motivator. I really have to thank Laura for getting me going. A year later I have done a half marathon(13.1 miles) The Gate River Run (9.3 miles) several 5k races and I have done 3 sprint triathlons and even an olympic distance triathlon. And now Tami and I are training for a full marathon in February. At the beginning of the year I decided to set some training goals Basically they were:
run 500 miles
ride 1500 miles (I had to up the bike miles)

I am doing really good on my goals I have done 440 mile running so far and 1400 miles on the bike. I count a spinning class as riding my bike 15 miles. This has been a really good year for my training. I have done more this year then ever before. I am already starting to plan some goals for next year but I am going to keep them to myself for a little while. I will post them after the beginning of the year but I will give a few hints. 26.2 with Donna in February and I want to do some more triathlons.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Crazy Squirrels

So yesterday I look out the window and spot this squirrel hanging from the tree out my front yard. I watch for a moment and realize it is eating the seeds off the end of the branch. I watch for a few minutes and then decide to go get my camera. I am expecting the squirrel to be gone when I get back. I was in luck because it was still hanging from the tree. I took a few pictures and went back to what I was doing. A minute later when I looked back it was gone. The branch was hanging back where it was supposed to. I am always amazed at how graceful squirrels can be. They seem comfortable hanging from a tree as they do flying through the air jumping from one tree to the next.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Marathon training week 7

I recently purchased the new Garmin 310xt. I have used it on 2 training runs. It tracks all kinds of data. The GPS measures distance. It also has a heart rate monitor. You can track your speed and distance and compare that to your heart rate. When you upload the data to the website you can review your training.

Garmin Connect -
Activity Details for
Marathon training week 7

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tami and I take a walk

So the other night Tami and I decide to take a nice stroll along the river. I am thinking we will walk 2 miles down around the fountain and back. Well, we get to the Main Street bridge and Tami asks if I want to walk over the bridge? Of course I say "Yes". So now we are going to walk down to Yates YMCA we just doubled the distance of our walk. We get down to the YMCA and Tami asks if I want to walk over the Acosta bridge, "I say sure no problem". We even threw in some running to make it interesting. The picture above is about 3 miles into our little walk. I used my iphone to take it. I like having the fountain in the background. We had to stand under a light so we would have enough light for the picture. Of course this makes us look terrible. But we were having a nice evening. The breeze was blowing the temperature was pleasant and the moon was rising. This is one of my favorite places in the city for taking a walk or even running. I think the money the city spent on the River walk was some of the best money they ever spent. So Tami and I ended up walking 4.5 miles