Friday, June 18, 2010

Burnt Eggs

Who knew you could burn boiled eggs.....

Yesterday, I asked Samantha to boil some eggs. She went in the kitchen and I went about my business. A while later the dog jumps up and runs in the kitchen and barks. He came out a minute later. I thought he had heard something outside so I didn't think anything of it. A few minutes later I start to smell eggs burning. Then I hear another popping noise. Samantha had gotten distracted and was in her room and completely forgotten she was cooking. I called her into the kitchen and we put cool water over the eggs and then bagged them up so we could throw them away. Then I had Samantha clean the burnt egg out of the pot and I sprayed air freshner and we ran the exhaust fan in the kitchen. I cleaned the stove top after it cooled down. Luckily we caught it soon enough so the burnt egg smell wasn't too bad. We wasted a few eggs but Samantha learned a valuable cooking lesson. She then announced that she didn't want to cook anything else for the rest of the day.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Radishes part 2

My container garden is coming along. With the heat we are having I need to water the plants like twice a day. Yesterday I was outside and spotted our first radish. We washed it off and Ethan took a bite of it, a very small bite. He then announced that radishes were terrible. I said, "I bought these for you". I wasn't surprised he didn't like them. When he asked me to buy them I was surprised. Oh well, That is just more for me.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Swimming with company

My shoulder is slowly getting better and last Thursday my PT cleared me to start swimming again. I was very happy. So this morning was the Bfast #2 triathlon down at Mickler's Landing. I went down to cheer on some friends and just check things out. I took my goggles so I could go for a short swim after the tri finished. I was swimming back down along the shoreline, and when I would breathe to the left side I could see people on the beach pointing out towards where we were swimming. I thought that can't be a good sign. So we finished swimming and went ashore and some people came up and asked if we saw the shark. No I didn't see any sharks out in the water. I would have come in a lot faster otherwise. They pointed out some bait fish and there was a shark feeding on the fish. I was much happier to be standing on the beach at that point. It was great to be back swimming. I am going to get in the pool this week and swim some laps and I am going to do the Jax tri series #1 next weekend up in Fernandina. I can't wait to be out there again.