Friday, January 15, 2010

Don't make em like they used to

We have an outside laundry room. And the light gets left on a lot. We were burning through regular light bulbs left and right. So they had these new CFL light bulbs that were supposed to last a really long time. I broke down and spent the $13 for on light bulb. That was a lot of money for one bulb. But the increased life and lower running cost made it worth a try. Yesterday with much sadness I went to start a load of laundry and the light had burned out. My light bulb had finally died on us. I replaced it with a new CFL bulb but the new ones are only supposed to last 8000 hours which is still a long time. In the picture on the bottom of the bulb I wrote the date I installed the bulb 12/31/2001. 8 Years on one light bulb. When I bought this bulb everyone was saying to replace all your old bulbs with CFL's like most people I wasn't going to throw away perfectly good light bulbs so as the old ones died I upgraded my lights it took a while but eventually we got them all changed out. The manufacturers have figured out that if they kept making the bulbs last as long as my first one they would eventually go out of business. So like everything else they wear out quicker. The good news is the bulbs are now cheaper. I can buy an 8 pack of CFL bulbs for less money, The bad new is I burn through all 8 and my original was still going strong.

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