Friday, April 16, 2010

Apple Ipad

Today Samantha and I went to the Apple store to look at the Apple Ipad. It was my second time going to the store to check it out. They are very fun to play with but, I am going to wait and see how they develop. It isn't different enough from my laptop to warrant spending the money they are selling those things for. Some of my concerns are; it is smaller than my laptop. I would like it to have a usb port (So I could sync my Garmin 310 xt ) A DVD player would also be nice, not that I watch too many movies on my computer. It would help keep the kids occupied in the car while on trips. We already own a stack of movies. I still like having them on the disc as compared to taking up space on my computer.

Some of the cool things about it are; the size makes it pretty portable. The screen has a beautiful picture. The book reader looks like a very good feature. I would like to check out some magazines. I am sure there are tons of apps available with more coming. Hopefully that will drive the price of those down a bit. I hear the battery life is about 10 hours so that is good. It is also very easy to figure out. If you have used an iphone or itouch it is like using one of those with a giant screen.

I would love to have one but can't justify the price at this point since it is between what my phone does and my laptop. At this point I would rather upgrade my laptop. Apple is selling tons of the ipads, I'm just not ready for one yet.

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