Friday, May 14, 2010


This is part of our container garden. We have 4 different kinds of peppers planted and some spices. Nothing major but I think we should be able to harvest some peppers. In fact I was noticing my bell peppers are already starting to bloom.

So last night my friend Marilyn and I were out riding bikes on the Baldwin Rail trail. We were about 17 miles into our ride when I hear my phone ring. I slow down and pull it out of my pocket and see it is the house number. I answer it and ask what is wrong. Ethan (my 10 year old) Says nothing is wrong. So then I ask him what he needs. He asks if I can stop at the store and buy some radish seeds. I said "What, I am in the middle of my ride." He says "Oh, how bout when you are on your way home you could stop at the store." I told him we could talk about it when I got home.
Today I was out and stopped buy Lowes and bought some radish seeds and we got them planted. Ethan is convinced they will have sprouted by tomorrow morning. I hope he won't be too disappointed when it takes a few days to see results and a month or so before we get some radishes. The question now is if he will eat more then one....

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