Friday, December 10, 2010

Training group

This was a class project I just turned in. It had to be a surreal image. This was a fun project. I started with the idea of having a group of runners and putting animal skin on them. I wanted to bring out their inner animals. It took a few tries to get the effect I was looking for. The first try I made us all different animals, I learned a lot but didn't like the way some of us cam out. I really liked the way the Chetah spots looked so I re-did all of us. with spots. I also played with a few backgrounds and had fun putting us in different places. When I cut the people out I found that we needed shadows to help make us look right. The shadows are pretty subtle but are needed to make the photo look right. I got some good comments in class last night about the skin and I'm hoping I get an "A" on my project.

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