Friday, June 26, 2009

Another bridge another run

Today Tami, Elaine and I met downtown to run along the river. The course we chose took us along the river from the school board building over the Main Street Bridge, past the Jacksonville Landing, over the pedestrian bridge which crosses over the rail road tracks and down to the Fuller Warren Bridge. Then we turned around and retraced our steps. The Main Street bridge pictured above complete with fireworks at the top of the span is the 1 mile mark. We started our run at 6:30 pm this afternoon so it was still pretty hot.We ended up covering 5.5 miles. I checked the temperature at home at 8:30 pm and it was still 89 degrees. So that made for a pretty warm run. The only thing that saved us was there was a slight breeze blowing off the river. I really enjoy running the bridges as there isn't any traffic to deal with. I like the variety of surfaces we run on and I like running on the bridges. There are water fountains and rest rooms spread out along the course. There are always people to see. You get runners, walkers, cyclists, homeless people, business people, fishermen, and people out for romantic walks. It seems to be a good slice of people all along the course. Then to be running with friends makes it all good. Running has been wonderful for me I have meet lots of good people, visited many parts of the city and gotten in much better shape physically.(Thanks Laura for getting me running) I may run many other places but along the St Johns River with my friends is my favorite.


Pamela Ann said...

Good going! Keep up the good work.

LB said...

Sorry I missed it...thanks to you and Tami (and Renee) for running with me faithfully. It's nice to run with people you like and who show up when they say they will. I look forward to Thursday all week!