Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Walking on the beach

Tonight Tami and I drove to the beach and went to dinner and then we decided to go for a walk on the beach. The breeze was blowing onshore about 15 knots and the temps were down, it was quite pleasant. We enjoy walking on the beach as the sun is setting. Tonight the water was up very high so there wasn't much beach. We started at 16th Ave. South and walked down south down the beach. We walked down to the pilings in Ponte Vedra. I used the gps in my Iphone to map my location and put in 16th Avenue to find out we were 3.3 miles from the car. The tide had come up even further and we were walking in the soft sand and water the whole way back. So we ended up walking 6.6 mile this evening. It made for a very nice walk. Plenty of time to talk and just enjoy each others company. We do enjoy walking on the beach and just hanging out by the ocean.

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