Friday, September 25, 2009

Dinner and flat tire

Tonight Tami and I decided to ride our bikes to dinner. We decided to go to Tijuana Flats. We rode at an nice easy pace because we didn't want to arrive at dinner all hot and sweaty. Since it was only 2 miles it only took us about 10 minutes. It was getting dark as we left the restaurant so we took a different route home. We rode through the neighborhoods and then had less then a mile on the sidewalk. Tami hit one of those utility box covers that was sunk down in the sidewalk and that was all it took. Since we were less then a 1/2 mile from home we got off and walked the bikes. It will be easier to change the tire in my workshop then on the side of the rode in the dark. Plus why do today what you can put off till tomorrow :-p Just kidding. But it will be easier to change the tire at home. Tami will be changing her own tire so she can learn how to do that.

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