Saturday, June 12, 2010

Swimming with company

My shoulder is slowly getting better and last Thursday my PT cleared me to start swimming again. I was very happy. So this morning was the Bfast #2 triathlon down at Mickler's Landing. I went down to cheer on some friends and just check things out. I took my goggles so I could go for a short swim after the tri finished. I was swimming back down along the shoreline, and when I would breathe to the left side I could see people on the beach pointing out towards where we were swimming. I thought that can't be a good sign. So we finished swimming and went ashore and some people came up and asked if we saw the shark. No I didn't see any sharks out in the water. I would have come in a lot faster otherwise. They pointed out some bait fish and there was a shark feeding on the fish. I was much happier to be standing on the beach at that point. It was great to be back swimming. I am going to get in the pool this week and swim some laps and I am going to do the Jax tri series #1 next weekend up in Fernandina. I can't wait to be out there again.

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