Monday, September 29, 2008

Beef Stew

Tonight we had beef stew for dinner. This is the ingredients in the pressure cooker. The beef is in the bottom and I had just poured in the veggies. Publix has these small bags of mixed potatoes. They are all grown in Florida(yeah!). I really like the purple ones. They turn a little brown when you cook them but they still taste yummy. There is also carrots in the pot and in the other pot is some rice. I was going to take a picture of dinner on a plate but got too busy and forgot. The kids cleaned up the back porch and set up the table w/umbrella and even a screen give us a little privacy it was so nice. Plus my Mom came over for dinner tonight. 
The pressure cooker was my Grandmothers. I love using this thing. I am able to cook the beef stew for a total of 18 minutes and the beef just falls off the fork. I can't imagine cooking it any other way. Plus each time I use this pot I am reminded of my Grandmother. My Mom still talks about this pot from when she was growing up. I have many more good meals to look forward to making in this pot. Actually both pots on the stove came from my Grandmothers kitchen. And the recipe came from Tami's Mom. Just keepin' it in the family

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The dinner guest, Mom said...

When I was invited to dinner last night I was so surprised at how enchanting the kids had made the out door setting so pleasing. They also had music and flowers. I really felt like I was on vacation at a special part of another Country. These two are amazing to have come up with this setting. Dinner was so good, my complements to Chef Emory.The company was great, Tami as usual, you're the best. What a great treat for me, thank you all. Em you may have to start another project on pressure cooking meals, and the kids on how to set the mood for fine dining.