Monday, May 4, 2009

Samantha First Triathlon

These are a few pictures of Samantha's First Triathlon. Samantha was jumping into the pool to start her race. No diving was allowed. Samantha swam a good race. She was in the senior division and had to swim 200 yards.
After the swim she ran to the transition area to get ready for the bike ride. She got all here stuff and then off to the bike course.
This was her second lap to make a total of 6 miles on the bike. They had people out on the course standing  and also riding bikes making sure the kids did ok. 
After the bike was dropped off in the transition area it was off to the run. Samantha had to run 1 mile. This was at the end of her run with about 300 feet to go. 
She did a great job completing the course. The weather had warmed up by the time of Samantha's start so the heat was an issue. She did great and finished strong. We were very proud of her for completing the race. And she is ready to do another triathlon soon. Now to pick one out and start training. 

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