Monday, May 4, 2009

This is a few pictures from Ethan's first triathlon. He wasn't too excited to get started but once he got going he did great. This first picture is of him about to start the swim. The mat he is standing on starts the timer he is wearing a chip on his ankle that they track. Once across the mat his time started. Ethan did good on the swim he swam 100 yards.

In the next picture he is running from the pool to the transition area to put on shoes, helmet and grab his bike. 
The junior division did a 3 mile loop. Ethan was just about done with the bike ride. Then it was back into the transition area to drop off his bike and go out for the run.
This is Ethan coming into the finish area. He still looked good and finished in a good time. The run was 1/2 mile long. 
The race finishes when you cross the line there was another mat at the end. All the kids got medals after finishing. Ethan had a really good time and said he wanted to do another triathlon soon. After getting up at 5am to get ready and go to the race Ethan came home and took a nap. That is something that doesn't happen very often. We are very proud of Ethan for completing the race. It is something he trained for and we were very happy that he had a good time and an enjoyable experience. 

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