Monday, July 27, 2009

Sparks a Flying!

Making sparks. I had a customer bring me a bag full of old carbon steel tools he needed sharpened. Included were several scrapers. I urged him to make one of them a skew chisel. Carbon steel makes lots of sparks when you are grinding it. I had my daughter come out and take some pictures.
This is a close up of the sparks. The interesting thing is they cool off so fast they don't really hurt. If you have a steady stream like in the picture the heat builds up. Also since the tools are carbon steel you have to cool the tool frequently. Most of these tools are heat treated and the grinder can heat up the steel enough to cause you to lose the temper. You grind a bit then quench the steel in the some water.
I realized as I was typing this blog entry that I didn't have a before and after picture. Maybe next time. I was digging the pretty sparks .

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