Monday, March 30, 2009

Out in my studio

Yesterday, I decided to go out and work in my studio. I selected a piece of wood from the pile. Then I proceeded to start shaping the outside of it. It is a piece of spalted Maple. The color and grain of this wood is very nice. Today I am planing on hollowing out this piece. I made quite the pile of shavings while shaping the outside of this piece and rest assured they will be put to good use. I place all my shavings under the bushes to use as mulch. I always have different colors of mulch under the bushes around the house. When I am turning a lot I will even make enough shavings for the neighbor to use for mulch around his yard. When I cut off the corners of a blank I throw them on his firewood pile and he burns that to help warm his house. Of course I make sure to check when he finds wood to see if there is anything I want to turn so it all works out for the best. He never buys wood he just finds it on the side of the road from where people put it out for yard trash. We are saving it from the land fill. I will post another picture of this piece when it is finished.

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