Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Triathlon Training

I am taking a triathlon training class. Last night I went to the first meeting. It is put on by the Strider's Running Club. The class last night was very organized I was very impressed. They had all the information and had the coaches and gave a really good talk about what to expect. The meeting was held at About Bicycles in Orange park. They pulled out all the stops to make us welcome. We got our training program for April. I started my training today. I took a spinning class with Tami. Of course she was on call checking about he conflicker virus. So she was a little distracted during the training.  We get to train together a couple of times a week. So this is cool. Tomorrow is Art walk the kids and I are going to be there selling out stuff (Wood turning, Candles and Soap). So I am going to miss the first run clinic. I will be back there next week and shouldn't miss too many of the training days. I will make sure to get in some training. 
Stay tuned for more training details. The adventure continues. 

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