Thursday, November 8, 2012

motivated training partners

Laura is one of my favorite people to run with. I have known her for decades and we get along great. She also runs the exact same pace as me. So last week we met for lunch and we had both decided we wanted to change up our running routines a bit. We would like to be faster, just like everyone else. Funning thing is we had both looked online and found plans. We decided to mostly go with her plan. Last night was the second week of our training and it was speedwork. We found a place on the river walk the was pretty flat that was long enough. The plan was a 1 mile warm up followed by 6x800's(1/2 miles) We were supposed to run these 1/2 miles in 4:52. The first one was 4:17 and the last one was 4:45 We did 3 of them at 4:30's I was pretty happy with our consistency. We were trying to run a bit slower but we decided it was hard trying to hit a pace we weren't used to running. Who knew running too fast would be a problem. We walked for a few minutes in between each interval to rest before starting the next one. We tried to keep the walks about the same as we went. The workout was tough but doable. I love running downtown along the river with friends. Especially as the sun is setting, through the clouds and turning the sky orange.

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