Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Planet Smoothie Ride

Yesterday turned out to be such a nice day. Samantha and I decided to go out for a short bike ride. This is us riding along a park not to far form the house. We actually ride past 2 parks on the way to planet smoothie. Part of the ride takes us out on San Jose Blvd. There is a car parking lane most of the way. Of course this is used as a bike lane except towards the end  by the church that almost always has cars parked. 

For a day in mid November it was really nice weather. The sun was shining, the temps were in the mid 70's and there was just a touch of breeze. We had a group of 4 cyclists pass us during the ride. They weren't going that much faster then us and I asked Samantha if she wanted to try and draft off them, she declined. We sat outside and drank our smoothies before returning home along almost the same route. We rode past the other park and looked for Joleen who was out kayaking. We rode through the neighborhood to avoid some of the traffic, plus it makes for a quieter ride. The ride was about 4 miles a nice little distance and I got to spend some time with Samantha enjoying a short break in our day.

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