Saturday, November 8, 2008

Busy day

Today was another busy day. I went running early this morning with my training group. We did 4 miles today. We ran down in the Ortega area. It was a beautiful morning. The course took us across the Ortega River. We even got stopped by boat traffic. After I ran this morning I drove over to Woodcraft where I was teaching a bowl turning class. The class went well and my students made some pretty good bowls. I turned a small zebra wood bowl. For dinner tonight we went to Woody's Bar-b-Que. normally I like this place a lot. Tonight the iced tea was terrible. The french fries were over cooked, they were crunchy. I gave them to the kids so that wasn't such a bad thing. And the service was pretty slow. After dinner we came home and just watched some TV and played on the computer. Just a nice evening. 

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