Thursday, November 13, 2008

Just training

Last night I went to the "Y" to run on the treadmill. Since it was raining I didn't want to run out in the rain. I did however go and run 3.1 miles. I am starting to figure out the program on the treadmill. It has a setting for a 5k on it. It starts with a walk to warm up then you run, I have to take some walk breaks. Then you cool down by walking at the end. The bad thing about it is you can see all the other people running on the treadmills. Some of these people are very fast. I just keep telling myself that at least I am there. I did my 3 miles last night and was happy to have completed that distance. A couple of months ago I would not have been able to do that. I have to work on getting some pictures of me actually training now.

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