Tuesday, February 17, 2009


February 15th

Breast Cancer Half Marathon
I ran in my first half marathon 13.1 miles. My goal was to do it in under 3 hours. My time was 2:54:05 . I was very excited to do this. The whole race was quite an experience. The race was lined with people cheering us on. I ran with the same people I had been training with for the last several months so that was nice. I am holding my race number and also my medal for finishing. The best part was the people I have trained with. I have joined the Hammerhead Triathlon Club. They say "Pain is temporary; Pride is forever;Race Hard! I am sore today but I am proud of how I did. I am already training for the rest of the season , and thinking about future races. 

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Laura said...

You rock! Think back to July when I talked you into joining us and you had never run more than a mile or two - look at you now!