Sunday, February 8, 2009


February 7th

7,7,7 This morning I went running at 7 am on the 7th of February and we did 7 miles. The running was good this morning. We ran the bridges and down into San Marco. It was kind of cool but we all warmed up pretty quickly. Next weekend we have the half marathon. It will be good to wrap up all the training and do the race. I will miss seeing all the people I have been training with for the last several months. Some of us are going to do the Gate River Run so we will continue training. Then I am going to start training for the triathlons. I have joined a group to train for that as well. We rode down to the Warwicks to see the puppies they are fostering for the Humane Society. I am putting my bike away for the evening. I have a system for hanging it up out of the way. It works very well and I can walk under it with out any problems. 

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