Sunday, February 1, 2009


Day 32
Back in the shop. I spent a few hours in my workshop today. This is one of my favorite thing to do. I love making stuff. Today I was making a stand to hold my bike when I work on it. This morning actually started with me going to the YMCA to go to a cycling class. I took the hour class and then went to the pool to swim some laps. After lunch I went out to the shop, and Ethan was out front playing on the hover board we made yesterday. This evening my Mom came over and joined us for dinner. I made stir fry, it had chicken, broccoli and carrots and was served over rice. After dinner I went back out in my shop and installed a new computer on my bike. It keeps track of speed, time, distance and cadence. Hopefully this will help me ride faster. At least I will know I am doing during the ride. 

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