Tuesday, February 10, 2009


February 9th 
Tonight I went to show my blog to someone and Blogger had removed it as a suspected spam blog. Boy, was I surprised. They had a link to go through to prove it wasn't and then they said they would have someone look at the blog in question. So it only took a few hours to have my blog restored and now I am back with my picture of the day. Samantha took this picture today while we were driving to dinner. It was taken on my iphone. The phone has a built in GPS and I was able to look in the info field and see exactly where we were when the picture was taken. If you look closely in my sunglasses you can see Samantha's reflection when she took the picture. I was also able to go out for a short bike ride today after the kids finished school. I rode 9.33 miles in 33 minutes  that averages out to 17 miles per hour. I am happy with that speed since it was windy and I stopped at the house to take off one of my shirts. I also attended the woodturning meeting tonight and was able to talk to several people and see what they have been up to. 

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