Thursday, February 26, 2009

Today Laura called and asked me if I wanted to go run the bridges, the short version. I was on the verge of slacking off so I jumped at the chance. Having someone else making you responsible really helps keep you on track. I met her at her new office this evening and we did a 3.6 mile loop. It took us over 2 of the bridges and along the river. It made for a nice run. We had perfect weather. Clear skies, slight breeze and the setting sun and then running along the river. What more can you ask for. I am still doing the run/walk but we run 1:30 minute and the walk 1 minute. The only bad thing was more then half way into the run I looked down to check my heart rate monitor and I had forgotten to start it. I like to keep track of my calories burned so I can get an idea of how hard 

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