Friday, January 30, 2009


Day 30
Taken with my iphone. Today was a busy one doctors appts. rock climbing, cycling with the Hammerheads Triathlon club and Date night with Tami. We even had dinner with my brother. The big thing I did today was the cycling class, I did 2 hours of the planned 3 hour class. The first hour was a regular spinning class and then we did an easier hour of just peddling the bikes and standing as needed. I figure this was like riding about 20 miles. We introduced ourselves and told what our training goals were. My goals are Half marathon with Donna (13.1 miles), Gate River run(9.3 miles) 3 sprint distance triathlons May, July and August (Swim 400 yards, Bike 10 miles and then Run 3.1 miles) I have been training for the running all fall and winter and I am starting to add in the training for the triathlons. I am running in the morning with my regular group. We are only doing 7 miles:-) I love being able to say only 7 miles 6 months ago that was way further then I could run. Last Saturday we ran 14 miles. I am not fast but I did cover the distance. Tomorrow I will cover the distance as well.

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