Saturday, January 24, 2009


Day 24
Today I ran 14 miles. I have been training with a group to run in a half marathon. I started training with the group in September. During the week we run on our own and then on Saturdays we do our long runs as a group. The group is divided into several pace groups. I am in the group just above the walkers. Laura (right) is in my group. She can walk about as fast as I run. Elaine(left) is in one of the faster groups, and usually ends up waiting for us to finish. We usually car pool to the location of our runs. They gave out medals today when we finished running. We have about 25 people in our pace group and every one of us finished the run today. It was a great day for all the groups. The half marathon is on Feb. 15th. I now know that I can do the distance. So today was a great confidence builder. I had never run that far before. In fact until last September I had never run that much in my life. 

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