Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Day 28
Back from a run. Miles and I went for a little run this evening. We did 3 miles in the neighborhood. The road was wet like it had rained a little bit. While we were out it was nice. As I am typing this now it has started to rain again. This is typical winter weather for us. We will have a gradual warming trend and then it will rain and get cold again. The rain doesn't bother me it is the cold weather I can do without. While running I was listening to my ipod which is built into my iphone. I even got a call while I was running. The phone pauses the music and you can answer the call. After the call the music automatically turns back on. It is all seamless and very cool. I love my iphone. I can also track my run using a program called mapmyrun. It uses the built in GPS and google maps and keeps track of the time and the distance covered. Unfortantely it wears down the battery fast so I only us it if I am doing a different run then normal.

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