Saturday, January 31, 2009


Day 31
Working out in the shop. 

Today was a full day. I got up early and went for a 7 mile run with my group. We did the bridges and then down into San Marco. I felt pretty good for the run. It was cold this morning and it took a while to get the layers right and then I was great. It is amazing that you can be cold and sweating at the same time. After lunch we went to Barnes and Noble and met one of Samantha's teachers from Florida Virtual School. We met a few others as well. After dinner Ethan and I headed out to my shop to work on the hover craft. It is merely a plywood disc with plastic attached and the leaf blower stuck through a hole in the middle. We cut a hole in the plastic on the bottom. This forms the skirt and it lifts you off the ground. I was surprised it works at all. Once we saw it work Ethan hopped on and it lifted him. Then it was my turn, I was really surprised when it was able to lift me off the ground. Of course then Samantha and Tami had to try it as well. 

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