Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Yesterday we went to the worlds largest gift shop. I mean Disney world. We had a good time and stayed at the park all day. We stayed till the fireworks show. When we were getting ready to leave they were having trouble with the trams. It was quite entertaining. We rode a lot of the rides and did a lot of walking around. We rode the Pirates ride and the jungle cruise. We went on the Carousel of Progress. The kids really liked that. We went to Buzz lightyear's and Stitch Great Escape. The Monster's Inc. Laugh Floor, was a lot of fun. We rode the magic carpet and went in the Swiss Family tree house. We rode Goofy's roller coaster and Ethan even liked it this time. We did the Mad tea cup's and the and we all rode the Carousel horses. We were pretty tired when we got to the hotel. This morning we woke up to cold weather. We really got lucky on the weather. Today we are going to go to the Wonder Works museum 

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