Wednesday, October 8, 2008

New Cycling shoes

Yesterday I went to the bicycle store to look at some shoes for spinning classes. They had these Nike shoes that I liked. I did try on 3 other pairs of shoes and liked these the best. Then the guy told me they were on sale 40% off, well that decided the issue for me. They even installed the clips on the bottom of the shoes for me. Today was my first chance to try them out in a class. They clip in without too much trouble(I am sure it will take a little practice) To release your foot you just turn your heel out to the side and it pops free of the pedal. The soles are very stiff which supports your weight. And since your feet are attached to the pedals. Your foot is able to push down as well as pull up on the pedal. So you can get a full stroke all the way around. I need to play with the adjustment of the clip on the bottom of the shoe. It is pretty close to being in the correct position but I think a little further back might be more comfortable. 

2 pair of new shoes in a week. I currently own more shoes then I have ever owned at one time in my whole life. I currently own 8 pairs of shoes. Most of them I only wear for certain activities Like my work boots I usually only wear when I am using my chainsaw. Running shoes, Riding shoes, my Keens and Teva's for around the water. My flip flops  and my slippers to keep my feet warm in the winter and my old tennis shoes. Plus I have a pair of dress shoes that are too tight so I try not to wear them too much. 

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Jett said...

Wow!! Love your choice!! These shoes are looking so nice...