Thursday, October 2, 2008

Training Run

Last night I went out for my 30 minute training run. My goal was to do 2 laps around the neighborhood on the 1 mile circuit. I am still doing the run/walk thing. I was able to finish in 26:14 or about 13 minute miles. Not an earth shattering time but it was my fastest so far.  I have started training with a group. We are doing a long run this weekend. We are getting ready to run a 5 k in two weeks so they are kind of tapering down off the training. I may have a class on the day of the race that remains to be seen. Fortunately you can sign up the day of the race. If I am unable to do that one than I am planning on doing to Pumpkin Run. I may still sign up and do that one as well. I will have to see how the training is going.

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