Tuesday, October 28, 2008

M&M World

So today we went to M&M World. We looked all around, then we went into the bathroom and they had a small stall with feet sticking out. 
Here is a picture of Ethan. It looks like this M&M is holding his head.

Here is Tami, Samantha and Ethan standing in front of the Green M&M.

We also went to Wonder World today and had a great time there. It is a hands on museum. They have a Roller coaster simulator. Tami went on it with the kids. This thing spun all around and even went upside down. I was surprised when Ethan went on it and actually had fun. Tami said she had fun as well. And she rode it about 6 times with the kids. We went to Outback for Dinner tonight and then back to the hotel. Our legs are still trying to recover from all the walking. 

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