Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pumpkin Run Race Day

This morning I ran in the Pumpkin Run. It is a large race there were probably 800- 900 people there. I did the 5k (3.1 miles) portion of the race. They also had a 10 mile course. The race is held at Evergreen Cemetery . It is a large very old cemetery. We were able to run the whole race on their property. Of course it was a couple of loops around. But that just let me see the leaders of the race a couple times.
I am standing right in the middle smiling. I was pretty far back in the pack waiting for the start. When the gun went off everyone started working their way to the start line and then running once they got a little room. 
Here you can see one of the pumpkins that was lining the course. There were lots of them around. And they were giving them away after the race. I even saw one guy carrying one out on the race course. 

I was really close to the finish line at this point. I was very happy to see the line. The weather was kind of cool this morning. Of course I warmed right up as soon as I started running. Tami and the kids came out to support me in the race. Tami took all the pictures. This was the largest race I have done so far. I had fun doing the race and was very happy to complete it. I was very impressed with the people who did the 10 mile course. We were sitting at the 6 mile mark watching, Most of the racers looked to be doing very well. I have quite a ways to go to get to that point. First place sports ran the race and they did a very good job. They even posted results for the race about 15 minutes after people were finishing. Everything was very organized. They had trophies that were passed out about 20 minutes after that last finisher. 

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